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I ❤️ to write, and these days, I mostly write on LinkedIn. I've included copies of my daily posts here for your convenience. Please enjoy these inspirations from all around the world of leadership and everything else that enters my brain.

Humble Pie leadership talent optimization Aug 06, 2021

Just when I was about to take the stage, I saw my friend Patrick.

He was holding two ice cold beers.

“Jim likes to drink a beer while he’s being interviewed.”

Jim was none other than Jim Koch, the legendary founder of Boston Beer Company—makers of Samuel Adams and...

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Going for the Gold leadership talent optimization Aug 04, 2021

I love watching Olympic athletes in action.

It’s amazing to see their years-long practice turn into performance.

Here’s what I find both humbling AND empowering:

I’ll never win a gold medal in anything.

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be the world’s best...

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Old Habits leadership talent optimization Aug 03, 2021

I had just finished my early morning workout.

I was walking across the parking lot toward my car.

That’s when I noticed something:

I was carrying my gym bag in my left hand.

This wasn’t exactly an unusual occurrence for me.

Ever since my drill instructors warmly welcomed me to Marine...

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Start Small leadership talent optimization Jul 30, 2021

Want to lead a big team?

Start by leading a small one.

Want to lead a small team?

Start by leading your peers.

Want to make a bigger impact regardless of your level?

Start by leading the most elusive follower of all:

Your best self.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not one bit.

Lead on, friend.

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On Balance leadership reading talent optimization Jul 29, 2021

The most effective leaders are well-rounded.

They can tap into a wide variety of frameworks and inspirations.

Much of this begins with one simple convention:

Having a balanced bookshelf.

It’s long been said that “leaders are readers”.

But what do they read, and in what dosage?


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A Job vs. The Work better work better world leadership talent optimization Jul 28, 2021

Some days work gets a bad rap.

Many people trundle off each day harumphing about going to work.

Part of the issue is confusion between the job and the work.

A job is very specific. Do this and that. Go here and there. Earn this much for that value given.

Work is more generalized. When done right,...

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Safety First leadership Feb 05, 2021

During a recent eye exam, my optometrist sat me down for a glaucoma test.

She explained that she would use a machine called a tonometer to blow a “light” puff of air into my right eye, but that it was important for me to keep my eye open.


The back of my brain asked,...

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How to Develop Responsibility in Others leadership talent optimization Feb 03, 2021

There are a few things I love to see when I’m in an airport:

> Flight status = On time
> No line at Starbucks
> Families reuniting on the other side of baggage claim

But my favorite thing to see are tiny people pulling tiny suitcases.

When our kids were little, my bride and I gave...

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People Leaders Ask "Are You with Me?" leadership talent optimization Feb 01, 2021

The plan of attack was clear. We were to approach from the south.

The General had given the order, and we marched swiftly forward toward our objective: Space Mountain.

There’s so much to see and do at Walt Disney World that it requires a precise military operation.

We surged forward to beat...

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Ambition leadership Jan 22, 2021

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:
A Roman emperor, a transcendentalist writer, and The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll walk into a bar.

“A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.” —Marcus Aurelius

(Having the benefit of 1,800+ years of history, I’ll go...

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