Don't Just Manage the Business.
Lead the People.

Classic management training and techniques focus on the technical aspects of business. These are important, but they’re no substitute for what really creates and sustains value—the people who make it all possible. Lead the People provides you with a roadmap to realizing your full potential as an authentic people leader.

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In each episode, Dr. Matt Poepsel—aka The Godfather of Talent Optimization—and his guests explore a wide range of leadership topics and trends in an informative and engaging way.

If you're pressed for time, you prefer practical applications over abstract concepts, you're seeking a playbook for how to lead, and you want to feel that you're making tangible progress every day—Lead the People was built just for you.

While the path to becoming an authentic people leader isn’t easy, it’s an effective and extremely rewarding way to make a greater impact in your work and in your life.

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