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How to Develop Responsibility in Others

leadership talent optimization Feb 03, 2021

There are a few things I love to see when I’m in an airport:

> Flight status = On time
> No line at Starbucks
> Families reuniting on the other side of baggage claim

But my favorite thing to see are tiny people pulling tiny suitcases.

When our kids were little, my bride and I gave them each their own luggage as early as we could.

We tried to develop in them a sense of pride and accountability to care for their own personal items.

“That’s right, dear. The 3 pounds of Cheez Its that you had to bring but will never eat go in YOUR suitcase.”

This isn’t just for kids jetting off to Orlando.

As a leader, a big part of your job is developing responsibility among your team members.

Here’s how:

Create and share a record that clearly outlines tasks and their responsible parties.

Establish regular check-ins and ask each team member to read out on their progress and status.

After a milestone or deadline, ask each team member what they did well and what they could’ve done better.

Being a people leader is hard work, but developing a sense of responsibility and pride in others is one of its greatest rewards.

Right up there with a complimentary upgrade to first class.