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A Job vs. The Work

better work better world leadership talent optimization Jul 28, 2021

Some days work gets a bad rap.

Many people trundle off each day harumphing about going to work.

Part of the issue is confusion between the job and the work.

A job is very specific. Do this and that. Go here and there. Earn this much for that value given.

Work is more generalized. When done right, work is meaningful. Purposeful. Selfless.

It’s tempting to think of your job as equal to your work, but it’s not.

If you’re not clear about the work you really want to do, your chances of choosing (and crushing) the right job are minimal.

When we get our work right, it can carry us to new heights.

It can even become something we enjoy.

Just ask this guy:

“I cannot imagine life without work as really comfortable”
— Sigmund Freud

Time to get to work.