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Humble Pie

leadership talent optimization Aug 06, 2021

Just when I was about to take the stage, I saw my friend Patrick.

He was holding two ice cold beers.

“Jim likes to drink a beer while he’s being interviewed.”

Jim was none other than Jim Koch, the legendary founder of Boston Beer Company—makers of Samuel Adams and countless other delicious adult beverages.

If Jim wanted us to drink beers onstage at OPTIMA—the world’s foremost talent optimization conference—I was on board.

The interview went beautifully.

The crowd leaned into Jim’s storytelling and his advice about people and business and life.

Whenever I posed a question, he sipped his beer. When he answered, I sipped mine.

Jim was amazing—no surprise there—but I was very pleased with my own performance, as well.

I had been VERY nervous, but I came off as confident and comfortable.

The audience roared when I closed our session.

I was walking on air as we made our way to the back of the room and unclipped our microphones.

Jim: “You did pretty good up there.”

Me: “Thanks, Jim! That was my first time interviewing a celebrity.”

Jim: “No, I meant your beer. You nearly finished it. Most interviewers don’t make it that far.”


Stay humble, my friends.

Humility deepens our leadership.