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Going for the Gold

leadership talent optimization Aug 04, 2021

I love watching Olympic athletes in action.

It’s amazing to see their years-long practice turn into performance.

Here’s what I find both humbling AND empowering:

I’ll never win a gold medal in anything. 🥇

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be the world’s best leader, writer, speaker, or the like.

There can only be ONE of each of those in the whole world.

May I have some whipped cream to go with my humble pie, please? 🥧

Fortunately, that thought passes in and out of my mind faster than Marcell Adams running the 100m dash.

What lingers is this:

I CAN BE the best expression of the unique combination of abilities and interests that makes me... ME.

Here’s an example from my world:

There are lots of Marines.
There are lots of Psych PhDs.
There are lots of leadership devotees.
There are lots of consultants.
There are lots of LinkedIn content creators.
There are lots of IRONMAN finishers and fitness fanatics.
There are lots of casually funny people.

There aren’t many (if any?) who are ALL of these at the same time.

On those days when I’m able to channel and co-mingle several of these, magic happens. ✨

Go get your own gold medal by getting clear on what you’re all about and putting Olympic-type effort into your practice every day.