Realize your true potential.

Expand the Circle

Our Evolution as Leaders

Leadership is a capability that can be studied, applied, and cultivated. As leaders, we each progress through the stages at our own pace based on our intention, practice, and experience.


Boost self-awareness, define and track success criteria, and iterate until victorious. 


Design winning teams, hire top talent, inspire others, and diagnose people problems.


Transcend conventional limits by channeling mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom. 

Become an Effective Leader


You lack confidence in your leadership ability.


Build a solid foundation of self-awareness and the mindset, traits, and behaviors needed to lead with certainty.

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Become an Optimal Leader



There are gaps in performance and/or employee engagement among those you’ve been asked to lead.


Align your leadership methods with your business context to produce superior results.

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Learn about talent optimization (TO) and get certified in this new discipline.


Lead with TO

Become an Enlightened Leader



You’ve had success but you feel there’s something missing in your leadership or your life.


Liberate yourself from the outdated beliefs and methods that distort our conventional approach to work.

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Grab a copy of my book, Expand the Circle: Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work.


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My Formative Leadership Experiences

I've studied and practiced leadership for 30+ years. My perspective has been shaped by military service, product and executive roles, doctoral-level education, and gobs of trial and error.

Let my experience be your guide.

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