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My 3 Pillars of Leadership

Self Mastery

Increase awareness, identify improvement opportunities, and strive to be your personal best. 

Inspiring Others

Deepen personal connections, ignite passion in those around you, and enlist their support.

Delivering Results

Create strategic plans, define and track success criteria, and iterate until victorious. 

My Leadership Approach

Leadership is all about communication.

If the signal you’re sending isn’t coming through properly, you won’t get the results you want.

In the Marines, we used radio communications ranging from low frequency to satellite depending on whether we were on a ship, in a vehicle, or in the bush.

Any time I established contact with another unit, I asked how my signal was coming through.

The answer I always wanted to hear was:

“Five by five.”

This radio response is a rating of the STRENGTH and CLARITY of your signal.

If either quality is too low, your message won’t make it through.

I believe the same is true for our leadership.

Your Turn!

Rate the STRENGTH and CLARITY of your current leadership technique.


What effect is your leadership having on others?

5 - Excellent | exudes confidence and certainty

4 - Good | generates a positive response in others

3 - Fair | checks the box at the basic level

2 - Poor | creates hesitation and uncertainty

1 - Awful | undermines confidence & motivation


How clearly is your message being received?

5 - Perfect | full comprehension at all times

4 - Readable | basic comprehension in most situations

3 - With Difficulty | major clarifications required

2 - Now & Then | inconsistent and incomplete

1 - Unreadable | creates confusion & frustration

No matter how you scored, you can make improvements...
IF you have the right guidance.

Your leadership jourey begins here 


There are 3 key discoveries you need to make before you can unlock your true leadership potential. In this step-by-step Starter Kit, I guide you through each. 

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My Formative Leadership Experiences

I've studied and practiced leadership for 30+ years. My perspective has been shaped by military service, product and executive roles, doctoral-level education, and gobs of trial and error.

Let my experience be your guide.

Because Leadership Happens Between Your Ears


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