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I ❤️ to write, and these days, I mostly write on LinkedIn. I've included copies of my daily posts here for your convenience. Please enjoy these inspirations from all around the world of leadership and everything else that enters my brain.

Stocking the Cupboards dream teams talent optimization Jan 08, 2021

After a hard day at Zoom, I decided to whip up a quick batch of scratch cookies.

Cookies may not solve anything in these trying times—but hey—cookies.

Pressed for time, I began tossing ingredients into the spinning mixer.

Butter. Vanilla. Smooth sailing.

Gasp!—We’re out of...

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The Wardrobe Malfunction dream teams talent optimization Jan 07, 2021

Have you ever started your work week with a wardrobe malfunction and an international incident at the same time?

I once departed Boston on a Sunday night and arrived in London early the next morning.

I headed straight to our office near Paddington to prep for our first client meeting.


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