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Old Habits

leadership talent optimization Aug 03, 2021

I had just finished my early morning workout.

I was walking across the parking lot toward my car.

That’s when I noticed something:

I was carrying my gym bag in my left hand.

This wasn’t exactly an unusual occurrence for me.

Ever since my drill instructors warmly welcomed me to Marine Corps boot camp, I’ve always carried items in my left hand to keep my right hand free to salute if needed.

Mind you, I haven’t rendered a proper salute in more than 20 years, much less needed to do so outside a Planet Fitness.

No matter—this habit remains deeply ingrained in me all these years later.

What gave me pause today was recognizing my habit in the wild.

As leaders, our habits help us or they hurt us.

I encourage you to keep a watchful eye for your own habits this week.

Make a mental note of when, how, and why they show up as if to say, “Hello! It’s me again.”

Which habits would you treat as an old, reliable friend?

Which habits would cause you to scoff and sneer upon their arrival?

It’s never too late to develop healthy new habits that will support your leadership success in the coming years—decades even.

Why not start today?