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People Leaders Ask "Are You with Me?"

leadership talent optimization Feb 01, 2021

The plan of attack was clear. We were to approach from the south.

The General had given the order, and we marched swiftly forward toward our objective: Space Mountain.

There’s so much to see and do at Walt Disney World that it requires a precise military operation.

We surged forward to beat the crowds, but there was a problem—we had a straggler.

I spied my mother—thirty paces behind—admiring a flower arrangement.

A failure to keep up may be endearing in a mother visiting the Magic Kingdom, but it’s frustrating and risky in on-the-job leadership situations.

Once you’ve made your order clear, regularly ask your charges, “Are you with me?”

Here’s what you’re looking for in their response:

Verify that your orders—clear as they may be to you—have been properly received .

Ensure that they are “all in” and fully prepared to execute the plan.

Determine whether they will advance your position with others even when you’re not around.

If you aren’t yet asking “Are you with me?”, set the stage with your team upfront.

Let them know that you’ll be checking in to make sure that you’re communicating yourself clearly and consistently.

Magical results will surely follow.