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Winemaking - Part 2

Jan 21, 2021

Yesterday, I shared an analogy that illustrates how the environment in which a vintner grows grapes resembles that in which a leader grows people.

Vigilant grape farmers don’t simply abdicate their crop to the environment, however.

They study viticulture, time the planting and harvest, and take swift action when presented with evidence of rot, disease, or pests.

As an authentic people leader, you have the same opportunity.

If your organization conducts employee engagement surveys, you can use this data to diagnose several influential factors:

Are your people clear on its mission and confident in its future?

Are you keeping them well-informed and making it safe for them to come to you for support?

Are you making the best use of their skills and freeing them to do their best work?

Are their co-workers holding themselves accountable, making good decisions, and resolving conflicts effectively?

If you’re not evaluating this critical people data, you’re leaving your employees’ performance and development to chance.

Partner with your talent professionals to get the insights you need, and take corrective action where needed.

How well is your employee experience loop working?