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The Simple Life

Aug 27, 2021

Moments after I wake each morning, I greet my love:

Hello, coffee.

My bride won’t be out of bed for another hour.

In light of my passion for a good cup o’ Joe, I recently purchased a coffee maker with all the bells and whistles.

Digital display, time zone settings, filtration automation situation—you name it.

But that’s not how I actually use it.

My method = push button, make coffee.

When I noticed a crack in the glass decanter, I looked around for a fancy pants replacement, but I couldn’t find one.

My new hero is a low-key $25 Mr. Coffee classic.

Push button, make coffee.

Simplicity never tasted so good.

As I head out for a week of vacation, I’m on a mission to simplify other parts of my life and my leadership.

Here are a few examples:

> My calendar—too many meetings. Uncle.

> My reading list—LinkedIn is littered with “look what I just read”. Too much.

> My surroundings—time to declutter. Not sparking joy.

> My goals—too many and too varied. Do fewer things better.

> My techniques—back to basics. Tried and true essentials work for a reason.

You don’t need to overthink your leadership approach.

You’ll find more strength and clarity by stripping away than piling on.


Your turn:

How have you simplified some part of your world? What’s next?


I’m planning on re-reading Greg McKeown’s “Essentialism” and “Effortless”. Any other related reads that you’d recommend when it comes to the simplification situation?