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Two Types of Leaders

Aug 23, 2021

There are two types of leaders:

Invisible and visible.

Invisible: Attends a meeting, but hesitates to speak up.
Visible: Attends a meeting, and adds value by sharing their perspective.

Invisible: Receives an instruction, and quietly sets out to complete the task.
Visible: Receives an instruction, and asks a clarifying question to understand the intent first.

Invisible: Feels uncertain about their abilities, and wants to fly under the radar.
Visible: Feels uncertain about their abilities, and wants to fly no matter what.

Invisible: Eats lunch with peers, and listens to workplace complaints and gossip.
Visible: Eats lunch with peers, and steers the conversation toward constructive topics.

It’s not that invisible leaders lack motivation, insights, or opportunities.

It’s not that visible leaders are perfect or always get it right.

While both have leadership POTENTIAL, only visible leaders rapidly advance in their careers and maximize their impact.

The best way to become a visible leader is to develop a rock-solid foundation by discovering your leadership purpose and approach—then commit to following through.