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The Right Combination

Feb 11, 2021

“What travels the world but never leaves the corner?”

My co-workers and I stared blankly at one another as the zombie inched closer.

Two of our team members had already been zombified, and if we didn’t solve this riddle quickly, we would be next.

I heard someone yell, “a stamp!”

We quickly located a postcard inscribed with the number 4.

I jammed this last digit into the escape room’s combination lock, and we burst through the door to glorious, zombie-less freedom.

A great escape room experience—just like any leadership experience—requires a combination of factors:

✅ A clear objective
✅ Working as a team to overcome challenges
✅ Demonstrable progress


💪 Think of a current initiative or situation you’re leading. Which factor—clear objective, teamwork, or visible progress—can you enhance to improve your execution and how will you do this?

As leaders, we often find that aimless pursuits, solo efforts, and ambiguous milestones are ineffective and utterly forgetful by comparison.