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Take a Talent Optimization Timeout

Feb 25, 2021

When I looked at the calendar yesterday, I had to do a double take. 👀

How is it nearly March already?

I reflected on my team’s progress against our quarterly targets and my own New Year’s resolutions. 🤔

I evaluated whether each outcome was behind, at, or above my original expectations.

That’s when I remembered this truism from “The Ultimate Guide to Talent Optimization”:

“Talent optimization is essential for bringing strategic goals to fruition in the form of business results.” 💪

As leaders, we seek optimal results from our teams and from ourselves.

Today is a fabulous day to take a talent optimization timeout.


List your Top 3 objectives.
Note where any result lags your expectation.

Answer the following:
1. What can YOU do differently to improve your results?
2. What change do you need to see from your team members in the ROOM to improve the outcome?
3. Who else in the BUILDING could contribute to your execution?
4. If you could add extra firepower—through a new hire or even freelance help out on the STREET—what capability would you add to move the needle?