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So Glad We're Here

Feb 15, 2021

I tend to get lost whenever I’m in the woods.

I get so caught up in the serenity of the wilderness that I lose complete track of my whereabouts.

“Well hello, Mr. Cottontail. Would you please point me toward the parking lot?”

Now whenever I venture into the woods, I use a fancy navigation app.

I can upload just about any map, and my phone will superimpose my GPS location as a reassuring blue dot over the map’s trail.

Now instead of suspecting that I took a wrong turn, I know that I did.

As a leader, we have a similar job when it comes to orienting our people.

When you execute complex projects or pursue long-term goals, it’s easy for your people to get lost in the woods of their day-to-day work:

🌲How is our effort impacting the outcome?
🌲Do others see and care what we’re working on?
🌲How far have we come and how much further do we have to go?


Think about an important business outcome you’re charged with producing:
1. Is the path to your objective clear in the minds of your people?
2. Can they measure your progress to date?
3. Can they clearly see how their current efforts contribute to the outcome?

Make it clear, make it visible, make it happen.