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Rating Game Questions

Jan 29, 2021

An authentic people leader seeks to understand themself, those around them, and the execution of their mission.

Yesterday, I shared a simple rating framework I use as a leadership prompt:

“How would you rate [a thing] on a scale of 1-10, what makes that rating as high as it is, and what would have to change in order to make it even higher?”

Here are examples of prompts in each of the authentic people leader categories:

> How clear am I on my deepest held personal values?
> To what extent am I expressing those values through my leadership?
> How would I rate my current efforts to learn and grow as an authentic people leader?

> How are you doing today?
> How motivated are you by your personal goals?
> How clear are you on my expectations for your performance?

> How clear are we on our ultimate objective?
> How clear is our plan to achieve it?
> How likely are we to be successful?


If you can make a daily habit of asking yourself and those around you just one of these types of baseline + improvement questions, you will lead us to a better place.

EXTRA CREDIT: Direct message me your 3-part response to any of the Self-Mastery questions, and allow me to lift you up.