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Promoted Over Your Peers

Mar 01, 2021

My teacher had a firm grip on my ear as she led me down the hall to the principal’s office.

Dead first-grader walking.

My crime was fueled by my not knowing what a certain word meant.

I had interrupted our classroom lunch break when I stood and proclaimed:

👑 “I’m the king, Jenny’s the queen, and the rest of y’all are jackasses!”

In time, I advanced from self-proclaimed royalty to earning real promotions in sports, student government, the Marine Corps, and the corporate world.

Being promoted above your former peers is a formative leadership experience.

The first time it happens, you feel energized, nervous, proud, awkward, honored, and uneasy—all at the same time.

💥 Will they really “see me” in my new role when they know so much of my backstory?

💥 Will they respect my new authority?

💥 Can we still be friends outside of work?

I’ve had the opportunity to interview many Generation Z leaders in preparation for an upcoming panel discussion.

High performing GenZ individual contributors are now becoming managers among their peers.

💪 If you’re a GenZ leader, know that it gets easier with time and experience.

💪 If you’re a more senior leader, be generous when sharing your time and perspective with these rising stars.