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Promote Yourself

Mar 04, 2021

When it comes to getting promoted, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

If you’re not currently executing a deliberate and specific promotion plan, it doesn’t mean you’re relegated to your current station forever.

Here’s how to take a proactive promotion stance:

1. CRUSH your current role
You’ll never get a nod for the next level if you can’t dependably perform your primary duties.

2. Adopt a next-level MINDSET
Visualize already having the promotion and carry yourself in accordance with it.

3. Do your HOMEWORK
Take a deeper interest in the mechanics of your business or organization.

4. Extend your TIME HORIZON.
Increase your monthly planning to quarterly or your quarterly planning to annual.

5. Have an informed OPINION.
When a decision needs to be made, weigh in with a well-defended stance.

6. VOLUNTEER for special assignments.
Take on extra work that makes others more productive and effective.

7. ASK around.
Network with those who are serving where you want to be and learn how they got there.

8. Keep SCORE.
Make a running list of your accomplishments to help your boss make a case for your promotion if needed.