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Problem Solving

Aug 17, 2021

Want to be a great leader?

You’ll need to be great at solving problems.

This means mastering your timing and emphasis—here’s how:

BEGINNING - Very light
When an issue or opportunity presents itself, avoid jumping straight to solution mode. Make time and space to fully understand the issue, its genesis, its dependencies, its relative priority, and whether it actually needs to be solved at all.

MIDDLE - Moderate

While brainstorming potential solutions, avoid going backward. Don’t bring new information and considerations into the mix. Stay focused, and establish and reiterate the anchor points that guide your collective problem solving.

END - Heavy

After you’ve implemented a potential solution, avoid moving on too soon. Ensure that you’ve solved the original issue to an acceptable degree. Make sure that your solution sticks, and celebrate the win and your team’s growth.

GENERAL - Be consistent

Always maintain a solution-focused mindset. Avoid dwelling on problems or ruminating on the negative which creates a toxic mindset. You overcome just about anything through your artful leadership practice.


Your turn:

What’s the best tip you’ve ever received when it comes to problem solving?

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