More Love


Mar 22, 2021

A glint of light caught my eye as I made my way through the Whole Foods parking lot.

My mission to acquire Omega-3 eggs and oat milk was interrupted by the sight of a flattened plastic water bottle.

I plucked the debris off the ground and deposited it into a nearby recycling bin.

I never miss an opportunity to tidy things up as I go.

If we each made one micro-improvement during our everyday travels, our world would be considerably better.

I channel a similar philosophy in my leadership when I say:

Every meeting, every hallway conversation, every email, and every Slack exchange is a leadership opportunity.

With this mindset, you have unlimited opportunities to develop your authentic people leadership muscles.

Here are a few tips on how to tidy up your communication:

Choose one aspect of your leadership you’d like to improve and consciously incorporate it for a week.

Introduce a personal touch by taking a deeper interest in others’ lives and experiences or by sharing your own.

Reinforce your ultimate aim by clarifying your collective why or celebrating your mutual progress.

It only takes an extra few seconds, but optimizing our communication will generate a super-sized impact over time.