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(Not) Smooth Sailing

Feb 28, 2021

Your leadership journey won’t always be smooth sailing.

💥 One of your followers will let you down.

💥 One of your peers will question your motives.

💥 After a period of progress, you’ll have a setback.

Don’t let these frustrations discourage you from your call to lead.

Ask yourself:

💣 What challenging thoughts, feelings, situations, and experiences am I willing to endure as I lead?

💪 How will these experiences make me a better leader for having endured them?

As I look back, my proudest moments and greatest achievements have been the product of lengthy stretches of discomfort.

Nothing of worth is given freely—you have to be prepared to endure a bit of hardship.

When we recognize what we’re prepared to give, we put ourselves in the best position to realize our full potential.