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Moto Monday

Feb 22, 2021

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
—Arthur Ashe

I really love this quote from the former pro tennis champ.

Each day presents us with an opportunity to begin. 🌱

We can be resourceful, and we can take committed action toward our objectives.

I had the chance to deliver a High Performance Series workshop last week.

I absolutely love the structure of that workshop. 💞

It helps a team appreciate their natural strengths and to take stock of what aspects of the team dynamic are going well and what can be improved.

Most importantly, to paraphrase Arthur Ashe, it helps the team members and team leader get crystal clear about what they can do to inch toward an optimal state. ⚒️

There’s magic in that moment.

Start where you are, but drive ever forward through committed action.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday! 💪