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Leading with the Door Open

Apr 05, 2021

I love it when people ask me about how and why I write as I do.

“Do you write your own stuff on LinkedIn?’
“Where do your ideas come from?”
“Does it ever make you uncomfortable to share so openly?”

The answer to the first is easy—yes I write my own posts.

The second is also relatively straightforward: my writing is a reflection of my ongoing leadership education.

I reflect on my experiences, draw on day-to-day observations, and probe gaps in my understanding—these are threads I pull on in my writing as I study the craft of leadership.

It’s the third answer that’s the real doozy.

Yes, I am sometimes uncomfortable when sharing both IRL and in my writing.

Earlier in my career, I was more guarded—and miserable.

I found that when I held back, my connection to others was reduced.

It was also exhausting and misleading to project always-on confidence and competence.

So I began to let people in.

It takes courage to bring your full self to the party since doing so invites uncertainty, self-doubt, and emotional exposure.

But just as I try to “write with the door open”, I encourage you to lead with the door open.

Let others in. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

You’ll be rewarded with deeper connections to others, and they’ll enjoy their followership more as a result.