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Leading Network Colleagues

Mar 12, 2021

Each day at recess, I would sit under the jungle gym and cry.

I was a painfully shy kid, and this went on for several days.

One day, a tall boy named Dave walked up to me and asked, “Hey, want to play?”

That recess, we ran around and got grass stains on our jeans. πŸ‘–
In middle school, we shared lunch items. πŸ₯ͺ
In high school, Dave got me a job at a golf course where he worked. β›³
In college, we took turns feeding the plethora of illicit reptiles he hid in our closet. 🐍

I’ve long since ditched my bowl cut hairdo, grass-stained jeans, and ball pythons—yet other people continue to shape my leadership development and experience.

They provide me:

πŸ“– Tips on great books, podcasts, and articles.
πŸ”₯ Fresh perspectives on challenges I’m facing.
πŸ† Introductions to top talent candidates when I’m hiring.

To round out your leadership abilities, you need to initiate and nurture relationships with leaders outside of your organization.

> Attend a networking event.
> Follow a thought leader on Clubhouse.
> Ask a coworker about somebody they know who is awesome and ask for an introduction.

Don’t be shy—expand your network, and create new opportunities to maximize your leadership ability and impact.