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Influence vs Authority

talent optimization Jan 13, 2021

Until the late 1940s, movie studios inked actors, writers, and producers to long-term contracts that gave studio brass complete control over what was created and how.

Stars have more autonomy today and can choose which studio they’ll partner with for their next blockbuster.

Sound familiar?

As a leader, your moviemaking role is most similar to that of a Director.

You can’t just sit in your funny chair and bark orders into a megaphone 1940s-style.

Referring to Steven Spielberg, actor Anthony Hopkins once said, “He seemed so very secure in himself that he let me do things.”

Spielberg is no pushover, but he created space for Hopkins to shine.

That’s leadership.

Here are Hollywood-inspired tips on how to lead with influence rather than authority:

Channel creative energy.
Your ego and will alone won’t provide enough power to produce something truly great. Draw energy from your project’s potential.

Cast your characters.
Make an effort to understand each team member’s point of view. Their attitudes and actions make sense in their brains, so get in there.

Focus on making magic.
It’s not about you—it’s about the outcome. Lead well and top talent will take notice and seek to join you on your next moviemaking adventure.

Lights. Camera. Action!