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Hybrid Pipeline

Mar 31, 2021

How will employers ensure a level playing for job seekers as workers—mostly—begin to return to the office?

This topic came up during yesterday’s “Talent Optimization Tuesday” on Clubhouse, and I have to admit that I have more questions than answers at this point.


> Will your company offer equal preference to workers who wish to work part-time or fully remote as compared to on premise candidates?

> How well will your hiring teams accommodate hybrid interview formats when executing their candidate evaluations for a given role?

> How will you evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit, and will this matter the same way in a hybrid work environment?

According to the State of Talent Optimization 2021 report (link in comments), 96% of talent optimized businesses report having an effective, repeatable process for hiring.

Even these leading employers are about to be tested by a return to work and the “next normal”.

As a hiring manager or talent professional, how are you planning to approach this situation?