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How to Love Your Job

talent optimization Jan 25, 2021

Millions of people will trundle off today to work at a job they hate.

Many will complain about having a bad boss, a toxic work environment, or lower-than-desired pay—yet I know many well-paid people with great bosses and “best places to work” caliber environments who are still unhappy.

The key to loving your job lies in your ability to connect your work activities to your deepest personal values.

Here’s how:

1 | Know what fills your cup.
A lack of self-awareness is the greatest enemy to happiness at work. What do you most enjoy doing, for whom, and how?

2 | Appreciate the open door.
Once you know what values-based living looks like to you, you need to recognize opportunities to express it through your work.

3 | Make better choices.
If your opportunities are lacking, ask yourself whether you’re doing all you can to make time and space for your most valued activities.

4 | Dig deep.
If you’re unable to express your deepest personal values in your work, you’re in a mismatch. Amp up your courage, and commit to finding a better job fit in another role or organization.

If you want to love your job, complete these steps in order.

If you want to help others love theirs, show them the path and be a co-pilot on their journey.