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How to Learn How to Lead

learning talent optimization Feb 02, 2021

It turns out that if you don’t go to class, you don’t get very good grades.

That explains how I turned in a 0.7 GPA during my second semester at college.

After the university asked me not to hurry back, I enlisted in the Marines where I developed a new appreciation for learning.

A zillion push-ups can have that effect on a person.

I turned to a variety of educational formats including audiobooks, DVDs, MBA and PhD programs, podcasts, YouTube videos, peer learning, coaching, mentorship, social media posts, and more.

Consuming this type of content is just the first step on our road to mastery, however.

Here’s a more complete view of how leaders are made:

Choose whatever format best fits your lifestyle but opt for high quality content.

No matter what you put into your brain, nothing will change until you put it into practice.

Observe and ask trusted followers, peers, and seniors to ensure you’re getting the results you want.

Pause and ponder your experience to deepen the lessons and lock in your next level skills.

When it comes to learning about leadership, what’s your go to? Which formats or experts do you prefer? Please share your faves in the comments!