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How to Inspire Others

Apr 08, 2021

A hot air balloon ride provides an unparalleled experience for both pilot and passenger.

While a balloon in flight may look like magic, the process is pretty straightforward:

1. The pilot sets up the balloon and uses a fan to blow air into it.
2. The pilot lights the burner.
3. The pilot repeatedly blasts the burner flame to fully inflate the balloon and lift off the ground.
4. While in the air, the pilot steers the balloon safely and intentionally.

With a wee bit of imagination, these are the same steps we need to follow as leaders when we seek to inspire others:

Make the first move by commanding attention, relating to the other person, and being empathetic.

Fuel the relationship with your follower by motivating and empowering them and by acknowledging their strengths.

Continue to make deposits into your leadership bank account by being dependable, coaching them, and expressing gratitude.

As you and your follower embark on your journey, employ your skills of delegation, flexibility, and holding one another accountable.

Follow these steps—without trying to rush the process—and you’ll both have a rewarding and memorable ride.