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Find the Right Frequency

Aug 10, 2021

“Why in the world am I listening to Steely Dan right now?”

That’s not a thought you want to have at 4:30am.

Yet there I sat...Reelin’ in the Years.

My morning routine includes prepping an iced coffee and tuning my old school FM radio to the local classical music station for a little ambiance while I think and read and write.

So why was I hearing classic rock instead of classic Rachmaninoff? 🎶

Turns out that my radio dial had somehow been bumped askew by 1 full MHz.

106.5 sounds VERY different from 107.5 on my FM dial. 📻

I shouldn’t be surprised—leadership works the same way.

If you’re not broadcasting on the same frequency that your followers are tuned into, you won’t get the connection you’re after:

You think you’re sharing your decision—but all they’re hearing is the uncertainty you felt BEFORE you decided.

You think you’re issuing clear instructions—but all they’re hearing are the friction points where your shiny new plan rubs against their real world.

As a leader, it’s your job to ensure you’re all on the same frequency and that your message is coming through loud and clear. 📣

I created a new resource to help you do just that.

Please grab it and GO.