More Love


Apr 15, 2021

What you don’t know CAN hurt—your performance.

I have a relatively strong sense of self-awareness, but there are aspects of my behavior and mindset that show up in my leadership without my realizing it.

I’ve been fortunate to have people in my life who are willing to tell me where and how I can raise my game.

Even so, they don’t often walk up to me and say, “Hey Matt—here are 3 ways you acted like a jackass in that last meeting.”

I have to initiate the dialogue.

Asking for feedback is SIMPLE but it’s NOT EASY.

Here’s how to make it a bit easier:

> Put yourself into a growth mindset.

> Craft your questions in advance.

> Seek multiple perspectives—boss, directs, peers, collaborators.

> Surprises are for birthdays—give them advance notice about your ask.

> Keep your questions open ended.

> Timing is everything; past = examples, present = tendencies, future = possibilities.

> JUST understand it, don’t JUSTIFY it.

> Feedback is only input; YOU have to evaluate it, own it, and choose to act on it—or not.

> Give gratitude in return—feedback is a gift!

> Follow-up and verify that any changes you’ve decided to make are coming through your shiny new leadership practices.