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Extra 30 Seconds

Mar 30, 2021

We can draw inspiration from today’s date.

It can serve as a reminder that small efforts make a big difference—in our relationships and in our results—over time.

On this 30th day of March, let’s take 30 EXTRA SECONDS to enhance our everyday interactions.

When I’m at my best, I remember to take this wee bit of extra time to end a conversation or a message in a way that aligns with my values and supports my intentions.

Here are some suggestions you can use today and every day:

> Look for an opportunity to serve: “Is there anything I can help you with?”

> Wish them well: “Have a wonderful weekend!”

> Affirm connection: “I’m really happy to be working with you on this.”

> Demonstrate interest: “I’ve been meaning to ask, how long have you…?”

> Reinforce a strength: “Can I just tell you how much I appreciate the way you…”

30 extra seconds—that’s all it takes.

I’ve made these types of micro-investments with bosses, peers, direct reports, aspiring leaders at every level, and total strangers (who later went on to become my new hires).

If you want to become an inspiring leader, inspire me with your small-but-artful gestures.

Make the time to make a difference.