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Driver Settings

Aug 24, 2021

My bride never lets me drive.

I don’t particularly mind—she’s a much better driver than I.

I also appreciate the leadership reminder she imparts.

Most days, she drives a monster truck that’s very well-suited to hauling around horses.

It’s not-so-practical for quick jaunts around town.

On those occasions, we take my compact SUV.

Our adventure always starts the same way:

She sits behind the wheel and growls while rolling her eyes in my general direction.

None of my settings are the right fit for her.

She adjusts the seat, the mirrors, the steering wheel tilt, the sunroof, and the windows.

While she’s busy doing that, I adjust the radio and the temperature to her liking.

Soon, we’re racing off on our next adventure.

Leadership works this same way.

You WANT the other person to drive.

To help them perform at their best and enjoy the experience, it’s your job to help them get comfortable.

It’s not about you and your preferences in that moment—it’s about THEM.

The best part?

The adventure becomes something you get to experience together.

That makes reaching your destination as a team all the more satisfying.

What some would call compromise, I call companionship.


How do you help others get comfortable when it’s their turn to drive?