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Don't Stress (Your People)

Jan 27, 2021

More than 50% of U.S. employees report experiencing daily stress at work.

Unfortunately, a manager’s leadership style can negatively impact a follower’s stress levels and productivity.

This in turn stresses the manager and creates a vicious downward cycle.

Research suggests that a transactional leadership style—where the leader focuses almost exclusively on providing rewards and punishment based on results—is associated with HIGHER stress levels among followers.

Transformational leadership involves co-creating a compelling vision and pursuing results collaboratively, and this style is associated with LOWER stress levels.

You’re using a transformational leadership style when you:

1 | Co-create a clear and motivating vision of a future state and performance.

2 | Foster an emotional connection with your followers by developing trust and confidence.

3 | Nourish their connection to your collective vision and mission.

4 | Personalize your leadership technique to each team member’s needs and context.

5 | Understand your personality drives and theirs as well as how these interact.

Being a transformational leader can help you drive UP results and drive DOWN stress.

These days, we could all use less stress at work.