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Confidence is Key

Aug 18, 2021

As an aspiring leader, your confidence is key.

But confidence in what exactly?

Here’s my list of essentials.

You want to be confident in your:

Path—Do you know what your next level looks like?
Plan—Do you know how you will get there?
Progress—Can you see exactly how you’re moving forward?
Time investment—Are you making the best use of your most precious asset?
Capabilities—Are you coming through loud and clear?

Don’t be sheepish about admitting that you don’t have it all completely nailed just yet.

Don’t be afraid to ask other respected leaders how they got to their current station.

Don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help you.

Whatever you do—don’t be too busy to get better.

We need you at your VERY BEST.

Lead the way.