More Love


Apr 14, 2021

I felt the crowd lean in as I toed the free throw line.

This was a lot of pressure for an eight grader with a bowl cut hairdo and gleaming white tube socks pulled up to his knees.

I didn’t let it phase me.

I confidently dribbled the ball, lifted it to my chest, and heaved it toward the hoop—SWISH!

At a towering 5’2”, I couldn’t make much of an impact on the scoreboard, but I had identified free throws as an area where I could excel.

I practiced shooting free throws in my driveway day and night until I was automatic.

When I got to the working world, I did the same thing.

I asked myself which competencies—distinct knowledge, skills, and abilities—would allow me to make the biggest impact as a project leader at first, and then later as a people leader.

I worked tirelessly to develop and refine these competencies across a variety of situations and time horizons.

You can too!


1. Rate your abilities from 1 (low) to 5 (high) in the following nine areas:

Self Mastery
> Personal development
> Setting goals
> Adapting to change

Inspiring Others
> Relating to others
> Active listening
> Delegation

Delivering Results
> Long-term planning
> Making tradeoffs
> Problem solving

2. Identify 2-3 abilities you’d like to boost.

3. Get to it!