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Commanding Attention

Apr 23, 2021

You won’t be recognized as a leader if you can’t get noticed.

That’s why commanding attention is a foundational leadership skill.

Here’s how to show up like a VIP:


> Speak clearly and confidently.
> Speak loudly enough for everybody to hear.
> Match your pace to the message you want to convey.
> Remember that well-timed silence is also a form of communication.


> Prepare by researching, outlining, and revising your key points.
> Ensure that your content or questions are relevant to all present.
> Pay particular attention to your open, your “peak” points, and your close.


> Move toward others to greet them—don’t wait to be approached.
> When shaking hands, think firm, not flimsy.
> Be intentional and conservative with your movement and gestures.
> Make positive (but not creepy) eye contact.
> Engage each member of the group directly at some point in your interaction.
> Don’t forget to smile!

BONUS: Be passionate about your mission—even if they forget the details of your message, they’ll remember your commitment to the group and to your collective success.