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Climbing the Ladder

Mar 25, 2021

Career advancement is a team sport.

🏒 Organizations can support career advancement by creating visibility into internal opportunities, outlining required competencies by level, and publicizing “how it happened” promotion stories.

πŸ™Œ Bosses can ensure that each direct report receives an objective take regarding their current capabilities and that each has a clear professional development plan that details improvement opportunities and next-level skills.

πŸš€ Employees can identify deliberate practice opportunities at work, and they can pursue self-directed learning on their own time.

So how do your direct reports view their current career advancement situation?

You’ll never know unless you ask—give them this exercise to find out:


How much responsibility for your career advancement do you attribute to the following?

___% Organization

___% Boss

___% Employee


1. List three current investments or opportunities associated with each category—Organization, Boss, Employee.
2. Brainstorm answers and next actions together as needed until the list is complete.


πŸ‘€ This is an eye-opening exercise, particularly when you compare the varying perspectives across your direct reports!