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A Leader's True North

inspire talent optimization Feb 04, 2021

I punched the address into my Maps app, and I carefully studied the proposed route.

I was only 15 minutes from my house, but I desperately needed the assistance.

My brain works in this fun way where I can conjure up maps of various surroundings, but I can’t always stitch them together.

I used to experience a similar lack of certainty when it came to my leadership technique.

Eventually, I embraced my authentic leadership style through this 3-step process.

Reflect on what defines your essential self. This includes your values, beliefs, experiences, behavioral preferences, modes of thinking—all of it.

As you gain experience, you’ll be confronted with your limitations and blindspots. Rather than beat yourself up over what you’re not, improve where you can without the self-judgment.

After you discover and appreciate what constitutes the best parts of you, determine how to channel these qualities and capabilities into your leadership for maximum effect.

Becoming an authentic people leader isn’t easy, but it’s both rewarding and required in order to make the greatest impact possible in your work and in the lives of those who follow you.

Where are you on your own journey to leadership authenticity?