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A Leader's Motivation

Apr 20, 2021

There are many reasons someone may want to become a leader.

Not all of them are the right ones.

❌ In some organizations, the only path to career advancement is to hop on the manager train by taking on direct reports.

❌ Some would-be leaders may think they know better than those currently running the show.

❌ Others may simply be trying to keep up with their peers who are taking on more responsibility and growing their influence.

But that’s not you.

You’ve felt a very different kind of pull when it comes to leading others.

💪 You see problems and potential improvements, and you’re not willing to sit idle.

🚀 You’re willing to make sacrifices and expend effort toward building a better tomorrow through the combined efforts of others.

💥 You’re prepared to work hard, study your craft, and experience the thrilling highs and chilling lows that come from the ultimate team sport.

Your motivation to lead motivates me.

🔥 So let’s go!—Lead us to that better tomorrow.