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It's Rough Out There.

Every day, clients tell me how our new world of work is presenting them with unprecedented challenges. They’re struggling with some combination of high-stakes issues.

  • Differences in generational values/expectations
  • Disruptive transformation and change
  • Burnout and mental wellness
  • Remote/hybrid work & return to office tensions
  • Lack of meaning and purpose
  • Low employee trust and engagement

Facing a different challenge? Just ask.
(I’ve seen it all.)

I'm Here to Help.

I love tailoring my talk to your specific audience. Here are some popular topics by audience type to give you some ideas.


  • Boosting performance and innovation
  • Overcoming resistance to change
  • Future-proofing the organization
  • Driving the "triple bottom line" of profits, people, and planet

HR Leaders

  • Preparing the organization for the future
  • Making a business case for people investments
  • Boosting manager empathy and compassion
  • Overcoming burnout and morale issues

Aspiring Leaders

  • Increasing self-confidence and effectiveness
  • Finding meaning and purpose at work
  • Clarifying the path to performance and promotion
  • Creating work/life harmony

I can’t wait to learn about your group and their goals.
(They seem like really great people.)

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Expand the Circle:
How to embrace an enlightened leadership approach

The way we work and what we expect from our work have rapidly evolved—so why hasn’t our leadership? Outdated attitudes and beliefs about leadership are hurting the performance of your business and the welfare of your workers. Contemporary leadership approaches aren’t suited to what employees are now experiencing. It’s time to enter the next era of leadership. An enlightened leadership approach promises higher levels of productivity, engagement, and worker wellbeing if you have the aspiration and wisdom to embrace it.

Are you ready to walk the path of enlightened leadership?

Walk the path

Ever Forward:
Helping others step confidently into an uncertain future

A series of disruptive forces are reshaping our world of work. Organizations must adapt to compete, but change can be unsettling for managers and employees alike. In this inspiring session, Matt teaches senior leaders the trends transforming our work and our workforce. He’ll explain what’s really happening and why we need to increase our agility and empathy. You’ll discover what it takes to move from resisting change to embracing it and how transformation becomes faster, cheaper, and easier when you help your managers and employees make this essential shift. 

Are you ready for the future of work?

Welcome the future

Leading without Limits:
How to free yourself from self-imposed constraints

While most people think becoming an effective leader is about taking on more and more, Matt’s research and experience reveals it requires less and less: less self-judgment, less self-doubt, and less self-absorption. In this fast-paced session, Matt teaches leaders at every level the most common leadership derailers and how to overcome them. He uses a unique combination of unexpected analogies, thought-provoking exercises, and practical tips to empower you—and those around you—to find your next level.

Are you prepared to realize your true potential?

Realize your potential

Bright Livelihood:
A Buddhist view of work, wellbeing, and our opportunity to change the world (without having to quit our jobs)

In this unique and transformative talk, Matt draws on a treasure trove of ancient texts to help workers see the modern workplace in a new light. His personal struggles with imposter syndrome and burnout led him to discover the Mahayana path of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom. He uses central Buddhist themes to illuminate our view of work and its role in our lives. Whatever your background or beliefs, Matt will teach you how to retrain your mind and repurpose your work to benefit yourself and those around you.

Are you ready to reshape your relationship with your work?

Redefine your work

Show Me the Money (and the Meaning)

But what does the research say? Being a huge Psych nerd, I hit the books. The elements of an enlightened leadership approach have been found to produce highly desirable business and people results.

Businesses experience higher levels of:

  • Profitability
  • Job performance
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Presenteeism
  • Business performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety and quality
  • New strategy formulation

People become more:

  • Satisfied with their jobs
  • Committed to the team/organization
  • Accountable
  • Trusting
  • Ethical
  • Promotable
  • Inclusive
  • Happy and mentally well

My enlightened leadership approach is grounded in 100+ psychology studies supporting these and other beneficial outcomes.
(Told you. I'm a big 'ol nerd.)

Okay, This is Getting Awkward.


“Matt’s framework is for those vulnerable and willing enough to look inward and do your work first, and then show up as an integral authentic whole for the people you lead.”


“Matt's message could not be more timely. As organizations have moved to more people centric approaches driven by the current generation of Gen Z workforce, leadership has not quite kept pace.”


“Matt is masterful at using analogies to help leaders see the intersection between life, leadership, and the new world of work.”


“Matt provides leaders with insights, real life stories, and Tips and Tricks and tools that every leader can effectively implement.”


“Matt personalizes his experiences in a way that is easily relatable. His anecdotes and humor are fun but also very practical in our day-to-day personal lives and work situations.”

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Let's Put Your Team to Work.

Whether your team is fully onsite, fully remote, or somewhere in between, my workshop or workshop series will get them thinking in a new direction. Each module is an immersive hands-on experience that produces a lasting behavior and mindset shift. This is no classroom exercise. We’re bringing your business to life and life to your business.

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