#71: Helping Managers Unlock Optimal Performance with AmberLyn Bryant

AmberLyn Bryant is a passionate advocate for transforming workplaces into havens where employees are not just heard, but truly valued and empowered. Drawing from her personal journey navigating toxic and thriving work environments, she is on a mission to guide businesses in creating intentional employee experiences that fuel growth, engagement, and loyalty.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Know thyself. Self awareness is a gift. Ensure that you’re creating a culture where workers want to learn about their natural tendencies and potential snags.
  2. Slow down to go fast. When welcoming a new hire or standing up a new team, resist the urge to dive right into the work. Take a few minutes to learn about one another to accelerate long-term performance and cohesion.
  3. Partner up. Optimal organizations get that way due to a strong partnership between line of business leaders and HR partners. People dynamics are too complex to leave to chance, so work together to help one another succeed.

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From the Source

“I had my fair share of working in those toxic environments and trying to push through and find your way in life and that passion that really fulfills you.”

“What really works, at least for us, is that we really start to understand who a person is. And so then that helps you to be able to approach any one on one meeting, any conflict, any just regular hangout sesh with being able to really personalize information to people, at least for me in an HR way. But then in a meeting situation, it's great because it helps to really understand the whole person.”

“I had an employee that worked at a different position, moved over to another one, and now is partnered with somebody who would be a new manager. And the very first thing I did was get into the PI, talk about the data, and it's really been actually mind blowing… The development has just been so much quicker and they’re so much more on the same page and they know what the other one needs. It's just more clear.”

“The first thing I do is build relationships and make sure that these managers know that they can trust me and that I'm here to help them move forward.”

Connect with AmberLyn

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/amberlyn-bryant-54178840

Website: www.amberlynsolutions.com