#69: Optimal Executive Team Dynamics with Phil Wesbury

Phil Wesbury is Vice President at Builtech Services, LLC focusing on business development. He leads Builtech’s business development initiatives across the country with an emphasis on delivering sustained growth across all of Builtech’s key verticals and areas of operation. Phil works with local, regional, and national clientele specializing in Retail, Multifamily, Education, Office, Hospitality, and Industrial development. He thrives on Builtech’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to doing what’s right.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Awareness opens doors. Where we lack self-awareness, we invite confusion and frustration. Tools like those from The Predictive Index raise understanding and open dialogue.
  2. Hit the pause button. When friction arises, call time out. Ask yourself what’s really contributing to the escalation. Competing styles and goals are often the culprits.
  3. Look at all sides. An investment in talent optimization produces a hard return in the form of performance and reduced turnover but don’t sleep on the so-called “soft” benefits of a better working experience for all.

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From the Source

“If you're okay with being self aware, and you can kind of make fun of yourself a little bit, no matter what PI profile you have, in different situations, you're going to have strengths and weaknesses.”

“When there's a pinch point, and we're having friction, and we're like, ‘My gosh, why aren't we getting along right now?’ then you can kind of point to the fact that, ‘Hey, you're detailed. I'm not.’ And you acknowledging it goes a really long way.”

“We had these flashpoints of stress. Our business cycles really quick, sometimes it can be really slow, and there are so many competing dynamics that affect my world and every other department.”

“If you can drop your unplanned attrition, if you can cut that in half…that’s a pure return.”

“‘Hey, does it feel like we're getting along better?’ Put whatever dollar value you want on it. It's a lot easier to go to work and be productive when you're not stressed through your eyeballs because you're dreading having to battle through a challenge with somebody who doesn't see the world the same as you. And I think that's worth a heck of a lot of money.”

Connect with Phil

Website: http://www.builtechllc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipwesbury