#63: Tackling Big Issues at a Small Business with Vicky Brown

Vicky's passion for helping entrepreneurs is rooted in her own entrepreneurial journey. After two decades of leadership roles in the corporate world, Vicky founded her own HR consultancy, Idomeneo Enterprises, in 2001. Faced with countless questions and challenges, Vicky realized how valuable a step-by-step guide would be. From these experiences, she developed a vision to offer comprehensive, accessible HR guidance and educational resources - this vision led to the creation of the Leaders Journey Experience, an education program specifically designed to equip entrepreneurs and business professionals with the tools, guidance, and confidence to navigate the sometimes complex world of HR, in a less complex way.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Don’t go it alone. If you have a business, you have a people business. You can hire, contract, or outsource to meet your strategic human resources needs, but you can’t neglect these.
  2. Get clear. Before you bring on an employee, ensure that you can articulate exactly what you need them to do rather than exactly how they need to do it. They may surprise you in a good way!
  3. Culture is king. Whether you think you have a distinct culture or not, you actually do. The question is how intentionally you designed it. Partner up with a people pro to shape or reshape your culture as needed.

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From the Source

“Finding and bringing in the right people is a huge concern. Then, what do you do when you get them? How do you get them to continue to support and be committed and really contribute to the organization?”

“Finding the right people starts with knowing what you need, and that starts with fun HR jargon—a job description.”

“You want to say, ‘I knew hiring someone was a bad idea.’ Well, it's not a bad idea. You have to give them a chance. You have to give them a clear roadmap, and then you have to get out of the way and let them do it because they actually will bring different perspectives, different experience. They may bring some innovation to that process that you never even thought about.”

“People say, ‘You know, I want to build a culture. I want to create a culture.’ I have news for you. Your organization already has a culture because it's going to get created whether you contribute or not.”

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