#62: Serving Up Successful Teamwork with Ed Doherty

Ed Doherty is the founder of One Degree Coaching. One Degree helps leaders create intentional and cohesive cultures. Ed believes that helping employees find fulfillment in their work life is the highest calling for any organization.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Evolve your approach. Command and control leadership was once all the rage, but times have changed. To drive the highest level of performance and engagement, we must now shift toward servant leadership and related methods.
  2. People make the difference. Ed’s staggering results didn’t come from technology innovation or new marketing techniques. He got the people part right and this became a phenomenal engine of growth.
  3. Make the connection. Ed did something that is all-too-uncommon among would-be leaders. He made a personal 1:1 connection with each of the team members at his restaurant. His genuine human interest is still appreciated all these years later.

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From the Source

"The transactional nature of the boss and the employee changed during the Great Resignation. So now [workers are] still in the driver's seat. That's starting to abate a little bit, but they now have a little bit more power in what they want from their work, and the bosses are trying to adjust to that.“

“I didn't know what servant leadership was. I wasn't taught that. I didn't know anything. … I didn't have that lesson of how enlightened leadership—which is completely counterintuitive initially—is the way to go to create buy-in and to build a better culture. I just didn't have that lesson, so I had to kinda figure it out the hard way.”

“What I realized is that every organization has a vision statement or some type of vision—where they're gonna go and what they wanna be. Then there's the values, which is the behavioral, the how. The why and the how.”

Connect with Ed

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ed-doherty-68177a31/

One Degree Coaching (including Ed’s Notes newsletter): https://onedegreecoaching.com/