#55: Learning How to Deal with Doubt with Dave Hill, Jr.

Dave Hill Jr. is a former leadership team member for two successful tech startups—Ableton (2003-2011) and iZotope (2011-2016). He founded Go 2 Market Coach in 2016 offering coaching, mentoring, and now, musical healing to his wide array of clients worldwide. His new book, Doubt Riding Shotgun, documents Dave's life journey with self-doubt as well as helpful practices from his coaching practice.

Dave is an active singer/songwriter, drummer, and public speaker. He lives with his wife and kids near Seattle.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Not all bad. Doubt never feels good, but it’s a mistake to think that doubt can’t serve us. Doubt calls attention to our strongest values and potential risks.
  2. Be decisive. Rather than get stuck in an endless loop on the roundabout of doubt, we need to commit to a plan of action and execute.
  3. Failure is an option. Things aren’t always going to break in our favor. We need to moderate our relationship with failure so we can find a sweet spot between risk taking and recklessness.

From the Source

“Doubt likes to say ‘Be afraid, be afraid. Oh, watch out. Don't raise your hand. Don't take a risk. Don't sing in public. Don't do public speaking.’ but it doesn't really tell you why.”

“The metaphor was like that we have these recurring voices, and they're kind of like a bad loop in a video game of music where it just repeats the same sound.”

“The Nike slogan of everything: Just do it. Just feel the fear and do it anyway. But sometimes the fear can be so paralyzing and confusing.“

“If we take a more mindful approach, take more steady, and have a more friendly relationship with doubt like we're working with this partner that is helping you learn where your edge is today.”

“The brain creates thoughts, you know? And when we think about witnessing our thoughts, it's about slowing down. And maybe we'll talk a little bit about mindfulness, but practices that get us to slow down and hear the voice and then allow the voice to move away.“

“How we change our body or how we work with our body is reflected in our mind.“

“If you can have a coach that can help you create that experience to see the mind differently, or to see the body and work with the body, then I think you can have the experience and then you can't deny your own experience.“

Connect with Dave

Website: http://www.davehilljr.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davehilljr/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davehilljr/