#49: Keys to Personal Transformation with Ron Garfield

Ron is an entrepreneurial executive leadership coach and Dream Team Architect who works with leaders and organizations to identify executive opportunities and challenges which evoke transformation in leadership and organizational engagement. He is a co-founder of PIQue Coaching & Strategy Group, a boutique coaching and strategy company that has developed an innovative approach to personnel and professional development for leaders committed to growing high performance teams in organization’s.

Ron is a certified coach through The International Coaching Federation (PCC) and the Coactive Training Institute (CPCC). He is a trained “Mental Fitness Coach” through his work with Positive Intelligence and is a certified partner with The Predictive Index. He also has a passion for coaching executives who are in transition and for working with people in addiction recovery. He currently coaches as part of the CoachSource community of coaches and is active throughout their network.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Help wanted. There will be times in your leadership and your life when you need assistance. Don’t fall for the fallacy of pure independence. Ask for help as readily as you offer help.
  2. Make yourself uncomfortable. Personal transformation requires a significant amount of change. This can feel unsettling but is required for growth.
  3. Get real. Look to the most meaningful experiences you’ve had—both positive and challenging—as marking the path of your authentic leadership style.

From the Source

“I think one of the things that is really a launching point for any kind of personal transformation is willingness and intention.”

“I've learned that men in general really have a hard time asking for help. Men do not like to ask for help, so recognizing that you can't do things on your own, that you need to ask for help is really the first step, and it’s the number one challenge.“

“You have to rewire your mind, and in the work that I have done on myself, it was very much about rewiring thought patterns.”

“I think the same thing holds true for leaders. It's how do you create new habits, new ways of doing things, creating new narratives inside yourself, that then lead to you being able to transform and change?”

“I think one of the key things for any leader and anybody that's going through personal transformation is you've got to get comfortable with discomfort."

“The thing about the saboteur is it inhibits us from being happy and inhibits us from being as productive as we would as we would want to be, both personally and professionally.”

“We're all a product of all of our experiences. So it's the lived experiences that we had and then ultimately how we can connect and show up in an authentic way for others?”

“One of the reasons I love coaching so much is because coaching actually gives me permission to show up in probably the most real and authentic way that I can because you're creating a container, a very intimate container with a client to do the work of transformation.”

Connect with Ron

Website: http://www.pique.coach

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rongarfield/

Email: [email protected]