#32: Three Things with Trey Taylor

Trey is CEO of Taylor Insurance Services & Managing Director of Trinity | Blue. His experience derives from fields as diverse as technology, venture capital, & commercial real estate. As a keynote speaker, he has addressed attendees at the Human Capital Institute, & the Ascend Conference. He holds a Bachelors degree in History from Emory University, & a Juris Doctor degree in Tax & Corporate Transactions from Tulane. He recently published his first book: A CEO Only Does 3 Things.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Leaders Live in 3D—Trey has a view that leaders are comprised of intellectual, emotional, and identity dimensions. The three are highly connected, and it’s key to understand these both in ourselves and in our people.
  2. The essentials are key—Three things matter most for a CEO: culture, people, and the numbers. Ensure that these are solid before you move on to other matters.
  3. Learn to delegate—Your ability to scale your business and to experience real joy in your life relies on your ability to delegate effectively. Make it a point to get good at giving your work and accountability to your team.

From the Source

“You can't manage someone until you manage yourself, and you can't manage yourself until you understand yourself.“

“You have to understand: how do you intellectually respond to challenges, how do you emotionally respond to challenges, and where do those two things come from? They come from an identity that you hold.“

“Every organization has a culture whether you intend to have one or not.“

“If we fix the culture and we get the right people in the door then the numbers are proof that the first two things are in alignment.“

“The burnout that [clients] are feeling is a direct result of the unwillingness to let go of both ends of the stick.”

“Your team is not an extension of yourself. Your team is an extension of the mission of the company.”

“If you want to grow the business, grow your people, and feel a lot more joy come into your life, delegation is the first thing.“

“If you can't delegate to someone, you either have the wrong heart or the wrong team. And one of those has to change.“

Connect with Trey

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“(Wall) Street Smarts”: https://www.top-business-degrees.net/30-greatest-living-geniuses-in-business/