#30: Leadership Archetypes with Eric Rogell

Eric Rogell is the host of the Warriors, Lovers, Kings, and Heroes podcast. He’s a sought after corporate speaker, bestselling author, and he shows executives and entrepreneurs highly effective strategies to break through barriers, forge mental toughness, and inspire and engage their teams to be more capable, more confident, more connected.

Eric has interviewed hundreds of people including celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and military vets. He gets them to dive deep into their stories and all the memories, lessons, failures and triumphs that made them the success they are today. These are valuable insights that collectively paint a picture of what great leaders are made of.

 Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Find yourself in the story—You’re the protagonist, the hero, of your own story; recognize that your storyline likely follows the structure of Joseph Campbell’s classic Hero’s Journey.
  2. Strike a balance—Carl Jung believed that we have within us both Warrior and Lover tendencies. By embracing and integrating our hard and soft sides and skills, we can amplify our leadership ability.  
  3. Be genuine for the win—When you’re able to tap into your full essence, you’re able to be completely authentic in your leadership and your results and your relationships will improve in kind.

From the Source

“One of the things I loved was stories of fantasy and comic books and science fiction and myths.“

“When do I need to be more Warrior and then support with that Lover side? When do I need to come in as the Hero and just be selfless and those kinds of things.”

“These traits that the warriors have, things like courage and boldness and being a Maverick and risk-taking and adventurer leadership, being a guardian and a steward, those kinds of things really are our Warrior.”

“There are great things in this Lover side, this heart side that really takes whatever it is the Warrior has now driven towards—ambition and drive; those warrior traits and now makes it flourish and thrive—become come abundant.”

“When you look at that Warrior side, it was just, ‘Hey, we've made a decision.’ I didn't have to come in guns, blazing swords, drawn, mad.”

Connect with Eric

Website: http://www.ericrogell.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericrogell